Bad Credit Car Dealers in Florida (FL)


Florida is a car-loving state, where the automobile is still a symbol of status and beauty, but manuevering your way into the driver’s seat with bad credit on your record is tough indeed.  At BadCreditDealerships, we can help you secure an auto loan online, so that you can have your pick of vehicles, no having to work out the financing terms onsite.

Bad Credit Financing in Florida

Get approved for a bad credit auto loan in Florida is similar to other states — you have to find a lender or dealership who caters to buyers with low credit.  That’s where we come in:  helping you find bad credit car dealers in Florida.  Generally, we see greater than a 90% acceptance rate in the state of Florida, with loans up to $25,000 given to consumers with poor to no credit and no cosigner.  Of course, we urge you to find a cosigner if possible, and to give a downpayment — both of these will help you get better terms and payments on your Florida auto loan.  That said, there are non-cosign, zero-down options as well.  Whatever your situation, we’ll put you in touch with a Florida lender that will work with you.  So fill out our Florida auto loan application today!